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Operating as the HMDCS Society

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Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors at King Christian School

The members of the KCS Society elects a Board of Directors which oversees the operation of the school with the help of sub committees

Our current board members are:

Sherry Bokma

Principal, Executive, Building, Growth Design Team, Human Resources, Program, Technology

Doug Hollander

Vice-All, Executive, Contract Partnership, Finance

Stacey Maan

Community Relations, Human Resources, Program

Andrea Main

Secretary, Executive, Human Resources, Recurring Revenue - HarvestFest and Run

Matthew Santorelli

Chair, Executive, Building, Recurring Revenue-Golf

Ed Sikkema

Maintenance, Membership, Facilities Coordinator

Mark Smith

Capital, Recurring Revenue-Gala

Keith Sparrow

Marketing/Branding, Technology

Bob Zondag

Executive, Treasurer, Transportation, Finance, GIVE, TRIP

The subcommittees managed by the board are:

  • Building
  • Capital Campaign
  • Community Relations
  • Contract Partnership
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Maintenance
  • Membership
  • Program
  • Recurring Revenue
  • Strategic Plan
  • Technology
  • Transportation