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Operating as the HMDCS Society

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Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors at King Christian School

The members of the KCS Society elects a Board of Directors which oversees the operation of the school with the help of sub committees

Our current board members are:

Sherry Bokma

Principal, Executive

Greg Brazas

Contract Partnership, Finance, HarvestFest

Jacoba Doris

Community Relations, Human Resources, Program

Ben Harrison

Vice, Executive, Fun Run

Nathan Moore


Matthew Santorelli

Chair, Executive, Building, Golf Marathon

Ed Sikkema

Secretary, Executive, Membership

Mark Smith

Capital, Gala

Keith Sparrow

Contract Partnership, Technology

Bob Zondag

Executive, Treasurer, Transportation, Finance, GIVE, TRIP

The subcommittees managed by the board are:

  • Building
  • Capital Campaign
  • Community Relations
  • Contract Partnership
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Maintenance
  • Membership
  • Program
  • Recurring Revenue
  • Strategic Plan
  • Technology
  • Transportation