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Standardized testing at King Christian School

Students in SK participate in the Basic Early Assessment for Reading (BEAR) test in September and again in May. This allows KCS to carefully chart their reading and language progress in kindergarten and look at Grade 1 readiness.

Beginning in 2016-17, students in Grades 1-8 will be participating in MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing.  MAP is a universal screening assessment that schools administer online through Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA). It is the OACS (Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools) recommended replacement for CTBS (Canadian Test of Basic Skills) testing and accomplishes three primary goals:

  • supports individual students academically
  • evaluates the curricular program and gaps in core skills at King Christian School
  • measures school quality for current and incoming parents.

MAP will be administered three times every year – in October, February and May.

Grade 7 and 8 students also participate in the annual Gauss Math Contest in May.