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Academic Honesty

Honouring God in our schoolwork through responsibility, honesty, and integrity 

God calls us to do our work with honesty and integrity. We are to take responsibility for the tasks that are laid before us and complete the work we are assigned to complete. We are to also give credit to others for their work and honour God in all we do. The purpose of this policy is to ensure teachers, parents and students get an accurate representation of the students’ abilities and to allow for fair and honest assessment and evaluation of work. While we encourage parents to support and assist students in their learning, the role of parents is one of guidance and facilitation while the student completes the work. While the student grows in ability and maturity, the role of parents lessens.

The goal of education is student understanding and the application of learning and all assignments are to be the work of the student.

Daily work is any assignment given in class that is to be completed in that class or for homework the following class. Each student is required to complete his/her own work. This means that a student may not copy another’s work to complete his/her own, plagiarize, or allow someone else to do his/her work.

Students are to complete the requirements of the assigned projects on their own. The Internet, books, magazines, or knowledge gained from interviews or presentations can be valuable sources of information and are often required for these types of projects. Students must learn to decipher what is fact and what is opinion. Students must understand that information taken from any source must be referenced and specific quotes must be credited to the author. All work must be referenced (orally or in written format) as prescribed by the teacher.

The staff will make every effort to clearly explain and provide examples of the requirements of each project so as to maintain academic integrity for the students as well as to the sources that are cited. The staff will use applicable Internet sites as needed to ensure academic honesty.

Any student that chooses to plagiarize, copy another’s work to complete their own, including during tests, will be addressed on a case by case basis at the discretion of the teacher and / or administration of the school. This could include the student being required to redo the assignment, receiving no credit for the assignment, or having the student supply sources for their information before the assignment is handed in or evaluated.