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Operating as the HMDCS Society

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Our Community

The King Christian Community

Almost 30 churches are represented by the families that attend King Christian School from Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Schomberg, Aurora and surrounding communities.

We have a rich heritage of Christian education in York Region beginning in 1943 and have provided Christian education to several generations of some families. 

“Having gone through the Christian school system, I never really thought about how it enriched my life outside of educating me in a Christian worldview environment. As an adult attending Bible study, I realized that a lot of people do not have the Biblical knowledge that I thought was just common for a Christian to have. That knowledge can be attributed to having been taught at school from a young age. My parents partnered with HMDCS [now KCS] and sacrificed so that their children would be filled with God’s knowledge and truth early on and it truly was an unappreciated gift until adulthood. Now as a parent, I see how important it is to give our children that foundation to prepare them for their future.”
- Paulette Wade, alumnus and past parent

New families are quickly paired with mentor families to provide connections to the larger school community. The mentor families are available to answer questions and make the transition to King Christian as smooth as possible.

“I have noticed the care, concern, and love for our children and their development in all areas. The teachers and parents work together to help develop each and every child to be the unique person God has designed them to be.”
- Kari Martin, past parent

King Christian School welcomes new Christian families and desires to assist families to provide Christian education for their children.

“We are so incredibly thankful for the impact HMDCS [now KCS] has already had on our three children after one short year attending the school. From the friendly faces in the office to the attentive and caring nature of all the teaching and support staff, our children have felt loved, cared for and valued. We have witnessed a tremendous growth in our children in the areas of academics, the arts, sports and most importantly in character.”
- Beth and Keith Sparrow, past parents

Outside Organizations

The operation of a school is never in isolation. There are several other organizations that help it to do its job.  The Board relies heavily on the expertise of Christian Schools International (CSI) and the Edvance-Christian Schools Association. They also have pension and insurance plans for their employees. For more information about Christian Schools International or Edvance, please visit their websites.

Edifide is the Christian educators’ organization of approximately 700 members of which our teachers are a part. Edifide seeks to facilitate the work of educators by providing a variety of services pertaining to education, whether that be in the area of professional development, certification, salaries and benefit packages, contracts and job descriptions, staff relations, mediation and arbitration.