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Busing and transportation at King Christian School

Transportation to and from school is provided throughout the communities around the school.  Transportation routes are determined on a yearly basis.  

Responsibilities and expectations of drivers, school, parents and students

The King Christian School’s Board of Directors and our Bus Transportation Provider have agreed upon the following responsibilities and expectations.

Driver’s Responsibility:

  • To provide a safe journey to and from home for each student.
  • To maintain a safe and pleasant atmosphere on the bus to the best of his / her ability while operating the bus,
  • To arrange a seating plan in consultation with the school within the first week of school.
  • To deal with minor discipline cases in a fair and loving manner.
  • To report to the office in writing (white slips) any problems that occurs with students.

School’s Responsibility:

  • To arrange an efficient and streamlined bus route which will try to accommodate families as much as possible.
  • To investigate all disciplinary problems on the bus that are reported.
  • To inform parents, giving details of the disciplinary problems and the action taken.
  • To discipline and, if necessary, suspend or withdraw the privilege of transportation.

Parents’ Responsibility:

  • To educate their child(ren) regarding bus privileges, responsibilities, and guidelines.
  • To have students at the pick-up point 10 minutes before the assigned time.
  • To inform the school office of any bus changes. In the interest of safety and security, it is very important that the school and the bus driver are made aware of any change in a drop-off or pick-up location. Parents must call the school to request the change before it will be granted.
  • To support the Administration and bus drivers in the running of the buses especially in the area of student behaviour.

Student’s Responsibility:

  • Exercise care, caution, good manners, and consideration for others.
  • Avoid disturbing the driver from his/her main priority: safely operating the bus.
  • Promptly obey the instructions of the driver and bus monitors.
  • Be at your bus stop on time and be considerate of the owner’s property where you wait.

Bus Buddies for JK Students

Each year the JK teacher matches each JK student with a bus buddy from a higher grade to ensure a safe transition from the bus to the classroom and back to the bus at the end of the school day.