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Quality Control of Student Work

Ensuring the best academic education in a private Christian school environment

The following procedures have been implemented to ensure student work is consistent and students are held accountable on a regular basis:

Regarding Student Notebooks

All grades 3-8 student notebooks will be checked by teaching staff on a regular basis to ensure instruction has been received in the classroom.

Parents of students in grades 3-8 are expected to provide their child(ren) with a place and time to do their work at home. Parents are also expected to provide the materials and support at home that will allow students to do their work and stay on top of their on going work. We also expect our parents to provide logical consequences for noncompliance and follow through when school work is not completed.

Students are expected to keep their notebooks neat and orderly on an ongoing basis. It is the student’s responsibility to have their notebooks in good shape to study for tests.

Notebooks for each subject are to be readable, doodle free and with black and blue pen only. Pencil is permitted for Math classes only.

Students in grades 3 and 4 will be allowed to print in their notebooks and students in 5-8 are expected to use cursive writing in their notebooks. The only exception to this will be exemption from The Learning Center for those students who have challenges with cursive writing.

Other Areas to Ensure Quality Work

All tests given to students in grades 3-8, once marked by the teacher and handed back to the student, are expected to be signed by parents and returned to the subject teacher within 5 days. This ensures all parents are aware of all test marks their child(ren) receive in a school year. Teachers will track all tests that are to be signed and returned. Parents who have not returned the signed tests will be sent a reminder note in the student agenda after 5 school days. Teachers are expected to mark tests and return them to students within 7 school days of the test being given.

Once a test date is set by a teacher in grades 3-8, that date will not be changed except if a school closure day comes in between the time the date was set and the actual test day. By so doing, students can prepare for the test day and plan for it appropriately.

Student agendas are to be signed every evening by a parent and will be stamped every morning by the teacher or substitute teacher. Parents can be assured that the person giving the stamp at school will only be done by the staff member whose stamp bears that name or a substitute in place of the teacher. Parents can use the agendas as an effective communication tool and staff will do their best to respond to notes from parents on the same day.