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Our Curriculum

The King Christian School curriculum is the program of the school. It needs to be in keeping with the school's vision and goals, and finds its foundation in the confession that our world belongs to God. The school's curriculum needs to help the students understand the world in which they live so that they can learn to evaluate our culture and respond obediently to the call of discipleship and service.

Thus, our Bible program aims to deepen the students' awareness of and gratitude for God's immeasurable compassion and grace, while, at the same time, motivating them to make an informed commitment to Christ as Saviour and Lord. 

Our curriculum comprises of various subjects including:

  • Language is seen as a gift from God for effective communication and interaction with humanity. 
  • In science and mathematics, students discover God's created orderliness and, hopefully, are filled with awe for the potential of His incredible and magnificent creation. 
  • In the area of social studies, students will investigate how humanity has responded to its task of developing and maintaining the earth.
  • The study of geography allows them the opportunity to investigate how we respond to our physical environment. 
  • Art, music and physical education are programs designed to develop the student's creative abilities and skills. 
  • The study of French allows and encourages the students to grow in their appreciation of Canada's two cultures and its bilingual population.

The school uses a variety of curriculum series, unit studies, and basic textbooks in the various grade levels and/or divisions. Classroom curriculum binders outline the program of studies for the various grades.

Our curriculum follows Ministry of Education guidelines, and also includes Bible study as a subject. We recognize in all subjects that our world belongs to God. We are a faith-based school; our parents and our staff members are committed Christians who acknowledge God as Creator and Jesus Christ as Saviour. Our Christian worldview is not left at the door of the school or to the privacy of our own homes. In a secular, materialistic culture, we have a message of faith, hope, and love.