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Behaviour Expectations for Busing & Transportation

Safety and respect are our highest priorities in our school buses

In order to ensure all children are safe and respectful in our busing, we have set out the following guidelines for our students:

Behaviour Expectations

  1. Respect and obey authorities (bus driver and monitors).
  2. Students will treat each other with respect and kindness.
  3. Voices are to be limited to speaking volume.
  4. There is to be no eating or drinking on the bus. This includes gum chewing.
  5. Remain seated at all times.
    • do not sit sideways in the seat
    • do not sit on knees with back against the side wall
    • do not stand up to get something out of your pocket or do up your coat
    • do not stand up to open or close a window
    • do not change seats at anytime unless asked by the driver to do so.
  6. No body parts are ever to be out of the window.
  7. Things may not be thrown around on the bus or out of the windows.
  8. No damage to the bus (i.e. graffiti, holes in the seat)
  9. No littering.
  10. No physical fighting, wrestling or scuffling.
  11. Windows remain untouched once the bus is running. No writing in the frost or dust of a bus or its windows.

Entering and Exiting the Bus

Students are to move onto the bus immediately as they exit the school and remain there.

When a school bus with overhead flashing red lights is stopped, cross the road in front of the bus NOT behind the bus.

When crossing the road, keep enough distance between the bus and yourself so that:

  • You can see the bus driver and any crossing directions the bus driver will give you;
  • The bus driver can see where you are; and
  • When you look both ways you can more easily see oncoming traffic.

Even though the overhead red lights are flashing, look both ways before you cross the street.

Do not cross the road in front of a bus if the overhead red lights are not flashing.

Always walk when entering or exiting the bus.

Bus Discipline Policy 

The bus expectations are set down for the students' safety. Disregard for the expectations and responsibilities will result in loss of privilege of bus transportation. Depending on the severity of the offence the following course of action will apply.

#1 First Offence: A written report from the bus driver to the administration and a note home to parents. Administration will meet with the student to discuss the issue and a study hall will be given.

#2 Second Offence: A written report from the bus driver to the office and a conference between student and the Administration. A study hall will follow the second offence.

Note: After two written reports (white slips) from the bus driver, the student will be at the "first step in the office".

#3 Third Offence: A letter will be sent to the parent(s) to be signed and returned. Bus privileges will be suspended for two days.

#4 Fourth Offence: A letter will be sent to the parent(s) and the student will lose the privilege of riding the bus for five days.

Note: After the fourth written report from the driver, the student will be at the "second step in the office".

#5 Fifth Offence: Bus privileges will be taken away for a 4-week period after which time a Board member and Administration will meet with the parents and student to determine if the student will be off the bus for the remainder of the year.

Note: After the 5th offence the student may receive a "third step in the office" resulting in a two-day suspension.

We reserve the right to adjust discipline, as needed depending on the infraction.

We realize some buses are very crowded and some students are on the bus for a long time. We suggest students read, study, or quietly talk. Younger students may even wish to bring small toys or colouring books to occupy their time. Together we can make the bus ride an enjoyable part of each child’s day!