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Technology for 21st century learning

King Christian School encourages a learning environment that fosters 21st century learning. Each classroom has several computers for student use.

Google Apps for Education

In 2013, King Christian School began using Google Apps for Education to help facilitate educational activities using technology. Students are provided with a Google account administered by KCS. This account allows students to use the school’s Chromebooks and provides access to free online applications (programs) such as email, word processing and presentation software.  Students are able to access their accounts and information at any time from any internet-connected device.


We believe that learning touch typing on a keyboard is an essential 21st century skill for students.  Qwertynomics is taught at the Grade 3 level at our school and the students and parents love it.  Within months, some students are typing 20-30 wpm with little difficulty and most are inspired to continue in order to improve their scores.

Several years ago we were approached by Zoe Clements, the designer of an original touch typing program developed in her native Great Britain, to pilot her program at our school. Her program, Qwertynomics, was developed with all students in mind, including those who learn differently. Zoe herself is a trained educator and this was essential in the program development.  In piloting the program we’ve had the blessing of working with the creator herself to fine tune details.  Having a school and home component (optional) of the program is a unique feature that has really been helpful with student success.

Accelerated Reading Program

Students can access the Accelerated Reader program as well as other programs that are integrated into the curriculum. Students in grades 2-8 are working with the TechnoKids computer curriculum in the Technology Learning Centre (computer lab) on a weekly basis. The TLC is also used as needed to support the curriculum.

Cell phone policy

Students are not allowed cell phones at school or on any class trips. Should phone calls need to be made to parents, we request they be made through a staff member in the school office to ensure administration and staff are aware of all situations. Cell phones brought to school by students will be held in trust and can be picked up by the parent. Special medical situations can be discussed with the administration.