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Why Choose KCS 

Quality Christian education with strong academics and a supportive community

At King Christian School, we integrate biblical perspective in every aspect of our curriculum and we help families to connect this throughout their lives in school, at home, and at church for a consistent faith foundation. In addition to this Christ-centred focus, we offer a number of advantages over the public school system.

Quality education through exceptional teachers and resources

We are privileged to have one of the top special education teachers in Ontario to ensure that all of our students have their best chance at success. Our band and music teacher is also exceptional, as is our resource centre.

Supportive Christian community

The families that comprise the KCS community derive from almost 30 churches of various Christian denominations. This sense of community benefits everyone. There is a genuine caring for kids, and our parents have access to their children’s teachers, trusting that they will be listened to and heard. Many of our alumni choose to send their children to King Christian because of the positive experiences they enjoyed at the school.

Safety and Trust

Children who attend King Christian School feel safe, and parents can trust that issues found in public schools are less predominant. 

Why Christian Education? 

You likely have a variety of reasons for exploring Christian education for your family. To understand what it means to participate in a Christ-centred curriculum and school life, we suggest that you visit this helpful website, Why Christian Schools, to learn the information that every parent needs to know about Christian education.

“I’ve been thinking about our girls’ opportunities to develop poise and confidence. Through choir, class-led chapels, speech and poetry recitations, they are up front, sometimes by themselves, giving what they have to offer. The atmosphere at school is safe and accepting while at the same time offering respectful and honest feedback. They have room to try, room to fail, room to succeed. And in so doing, they are learning to develop their personalities, their strengths and to shore up their weaknesses. They are also learning how to make space for others to try and falter or succeed, too. It’s a gift the school offers because it’s not possible to create the same opportunities at home.”

- Sheri Cantle, past parent